Subnautica Biome Code List

A list of all biomes currently in the Subnautica game, along with their ID name to be used in cheats and commands.

These biomes can be used in cheat commands such as the biome command to teleport to a specified biome.

Biome Name Biome Cheat ID
Safe Shallows safe
Kelp Forest kelp
Kelp Forest Caves kelp_cave
Grassy Plateaus grassy
Grassy Plateau Caves grassy_cave
Mushroom Forest mushroom
Bulb Zone koosh
Bulb Zone Caves koosh_caves
Jellyshroom Caves jellyshroom
Sparse Reef sparsereef
Grand Reef grandreef
Dunes dunes
Mountains moutains
Mountain Range Caves mountains_cave
Deep Grand Reef deepgrand
Blood Kelp Zone bloodkelp
Underwater Islands underislands
Grand Reef Thermal Vents smokers
Inactive Lava Zone inactivelavart
Floater Islands islands
Large Mushroom Tree tree
Lost River lostriver
Active Lava Zone/Lakes lavazone