Subnautica Spawn Codes List

Below is a searchable list of all Subnautica item IDs with item codes, spawn codes and unlock codes. Codes in this list are for both PC (Steam), Mac and XBOX One.

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Item Name Item ID Spawn Code Item Code Unlock Code
Titanium titanium spawn titanium item titanium
Titanium Ingot titaniumingot spawn titaniumingot item titaniumingot
Fiber Mesh fibermesh spawn fibermesh item fibermesh unlock fibermesh
Silicone Rubber silicone spawn silicone item silicone
Ruby aluminumoxide spawn aluminumoxide item aluminumoxide
Glass glass spawn glass item glass
Bleach bleach spawn bleach item bleach
Lubricant lubricant spawn lubricant item lubricant unlock lubricant
Enameled Glass enameledglass spawn enameledglass item enameledglass
Plasteel Ingot plasteelingot spawn plasteelingot item plasteelingot
Hydrochloric Acid hydrochloricacid spawn hydrochloricacid item hydrochloricacid unlock hydrochloricacid
Benzene benzene spawn benzene item benzene
Synthetic Fibers aramidfibers spawn aramidfibers item aramidfibers
Aerogel aerogel spawn aerogel item aerogel unlock aerogel
Polyaniline polyaniline spawn polyaniline item polyaniline unlock polyaniline
Copper Wire copperwire spawn copperwire item copperwire
Battery battery spawn battery item battery
Power Cell powercell spawn powercell item powercell
Computer Chip computerchip spawn computerchip item computerchip
Wiring Kit wiringkit spawn wiringkit item wiringkit
Advanced Wiring Kit advancedwiringkit spawn advancedwiringkit item advancedwiringkit
Reactor Rod reactorrod spawn reactorrod item reactorrod unlock reactorrod
Filtered Water filteredwater spawn filteredwater item filteredwater unlock filteredwater
Disinfected Water disinfectedwater spawn disinfectedwater item disinfectedwater
Cooked Holefish cookedholefish spawn cookedholefish item cookedholefish unlock cookedholefish
Cooked Peeper cookedpeeper spawn cookedpeeper item cookedpeeper unlock cookedpeeper
Cooked Bladderfish cookedbladderfish spawn cookedbladderfish item cookedbladderfish unlock cookedbladderfish
Cooked Garryfish cookedgarryfish spawn cookedgarryfish item cookedgarryfish unlock cookedgarryfish
Cooked Hoverfish cookedhoverfish spawn cookedhoverfish item cookedhoverfish unlock cookedhoverfish
Cooked Reginald cookedreginald spawn cookedreginald item cookedreginald unlock cookedreginald
Cooked Spadefish cookedspadefish spawn cookedspadefish item cookedspadefish unlock cookedspadefish
Cooked Boomerang cookedboomerang spawn cookedboomerang item cookedboomerang unlock cookedboomerang
Cooked Magmarang cookedlavaboomerang spawn cookedlavaboomerang item cookedlavaboomerang unlock cookedlavaboomerang
Cooked Eyeye cookedeyeye spawn cookedeyeye item cookedeyeye unlock cookedeyeye
Cooked Red Eyeye cookedlavaeyeye spawn cookedlavaeyeye item cookedlavaeyeye unlock cookedlavaeyeye
Cooked Oculus cookedoculus spawn cookedoculus item cookedoculus unlock cookedoculus
Cooked Hoopfish cookedhoopfish spawn cookedhoopfish item cookedhoopfish unlock cookedhoopfish
Cooked Spinefish cookedspinefish spawn cookedspinefish item cookedspinefish unlock cookedspinefish
Cured Holefish curedholefish spawn curedholefish item curedholefish unlock curedholefish
Cured Peeper curedpeeper spawn curedpeeper item curedpeeper unlock curedpeeper
Cured Bladderfish curedbladderfish spawn curedbladderfish item curedbladderfish unlock curedbladderfish
Cured Garryfish curedgarryfish spawn curedgarryfish item curedgarryfish unlock curedgarryfish
Cured Hoverfish curedhoverfish spawn curedhoverfish item curedhoverfish unlock curedhoverfish
Cured Reginald curedreginald spawn curedreginald item curedreginald unlock curedreginald
Cured Spadefish curedspadefish spawn curedspadefish item curedspadefish unlock curedspadefish
Cured Boomerang curedboomerang spawn curedboomerang item curedboomerang unlock curedboomerang
Cured Magmarang curedlavaboomerang spawn curedlavaboomerang item curedlavaboomerang unlock curedlavaboomerang
Cured Eyeye curedeyeye spawn curedeyeye item curedeyeye unlock curedeyeye
Cured Red Eyeye curedlavaeyeye spawn curedlavaeyeye item curedlavaeyeye unlock curedlavaeyeye
Cured Oculus curedoculus spawn curedoculus item curedoculus unlock curedoculus
Cured Hoopfish curedhoopfish spawn curedhoopfish item curedhoopfish unlock curedhoopfish
Cured Spinefish curedspinefish spawn curedspinefish item curedspinefish unlock curedspinefish
Standard O2 Tank tank spawn tank item tank
Fins fins spawn fins item fins
Radiation Suit radiationsuit radiationgloves radiationhelmet spawn radiationsuit radiationgloves radiationhelmet item radiationsuit radiationgloves radiationhelmet
Reinforced Dive Suit reinforceddivesuit spawn reinforceddivesuit item reinforceddivesuit unlock reinforceddivesuit
Stillsuit stillsuit spawn stillsuit item stillsuit unlock stillsuit
First Aid Kit firstaidkit spawn firstaidkit item firstaidkit
Fire Extinguisher fireextinguisher spawn fireextinguisher item fireextinguisher
Rebreather rebreather spawn rebreather item rebreather unlock rebreather
Compass compass spawn compass item compass unlock compass
Pipe pipe spawn pipe item pipe
Pipe Surface Floater pipesurfacefloater spawn pipesurfacefloater item pipesurfacefloater
Scanner scanner spawn scanner item scanner
Repair Tool welder spawn welder item welder
Flashlight flashlight spawn flashlight item flashlight
Survival Knife knife spawn knife item knife
Pathfinder Tool divereel spawn divereel item divereel unlock divereel
Air Bladder airbladder spawn airbladder item airbladder unlock airbladder
Flare flare spawn flare item flare
Habitat Builder builder spawn builder item builder
Laser Cutter lasercutter spawn lasercutter item lasercutter
Stasis Rifle stasisrifle spawn stasisrifle item stasisrifle unlock stasisrifle
Propulsion Cannon propulsioncannon spawn propulsioncannon item propulsioncannon unlock propulsioncannon
Light Stick ledlight spawn ledlight item ledlight unlock ledlight
Transfuser transfuser spawn transfuser item transfuser
Seaglide seaglide spawn seaglide item seaglide unlock seaglide
Mobile Vehicle Bay constructor spawn constructor item constructor unlock constructor
Beacon beacon spawn beacon item beacon
Waterproof Locker smallstorage spawn smallstorage item smallstorage
Grav Trap gravsphere spawn gravsphere item gravsphere
Cyclops Depth Module Mk1 cyclopshullmodule1 spawn cyclopshullmodule1 item cyclopshullmodule1
Seamoth seamoth spawn seamoth unlock seamoth
Cyclops sub cyclops spawn sub cyclops unlock sub cyclops
Prawn Suit exosuit spawn exosuit unlock exosuit
Neptune Escape Rocket rocketbase unlock rocketbase
Lithium Ion Battery lithiumionbattery spawn lithiumionbattery item lithiumionbattery
Thermoblade heatblade spawn heatblade item heatblade
Lightweight High Capacity Tank plasteeltank spawn plasteeltank item plasteeltank
Ultra High Capacity Tank highcapacitytank spawn highcapacitytank item highcapacitytank
Ultra Glide Fins ultraglidefins spawn ultraglidefins item ultraglidefins
Swim Charge Fins swimchargefins spawn swimchargefins item swimchargefins
Repulsion Cannon repulsioncannon spawn repulsioncannon item repulsioncannon
Cyclops Depth Module Mk2 cyclopshullmodule2 spawn cyclopshullmodule2 item cyclopshullmodule2
Cyclops Fire Suppression System cyclopsfiresuppressionmodule spawn cyclopsfiresuppressionmodule item cyclopsfiresuppressionmodule
Depth Module Mk2 vehiclehullmodule2 spawn vehiclehullmodule2 item vehiclehullmodule2
Depth Module Mk3 vehiclehullmodule3 spawn vehiclehullmodule3 item vehiclehullmodule3
Depth Module Mk1 vehiclehullmodule1 spawn vehiclehullmodule1 item vehiclehullmodule1
Hull Reinforcement vehiclearmorplating spawn vehiclearmorplating item vehiclearmorplating
Engine Efficiency Module vehiclepowerupgrademodule spawn vehiclepowerupgrademodule item vehiclepowerupgrademodule
Storage Module vehiclestoragemodule spawn vehiclestoragemodule item vehiclestoragemodule
Metal Sensor LootSensorMetal spawn LootSensorMetal item LootSensorMetal
Lithium Sensor LootSensorLithium spawn LootSensorLithium item LootSensorLithium
Fragment Sensor LootSensorFragment spawn LootSensorFragment item LootSensorFragment
Seamoth Solar Charger seamothsolarcharge spawn seamothsolarcharge item seamothsolarcharge
Seamoth Perimeter Defense System seamothelectricaldefense spawn seamothelectricaldefense item seamothelectricaldefense
Torpedo System seamothtorpedomodule spawn seamothtorpedomodule item seamothtorpedomodule
Seamoth Sonar seamothsonarmodule spawn seamothsonarmodule item seamothsonarmodule
Prawn Suit Thermal Reactor exosuitthermalreactormodule spawn exosuitthermalreactormodule item exosuitthermalreactormodule
Prawn Suit Jump Jet Upgrade exosuitjetupgrademodule spawn exosuitjetupgrademodule item exosuitjetupgrademodule
Prawn Suit Propulsion Cannon exosuitpropulsionarmmodule spawn exosuitpropulsionarmmodule item exosuitpropulsionarmmodule unlock exosuitpropulsionarmmodule
Prawn Suit Grappling Arm exosuitgrapplingarmmodule spawn exosuitgrapplingarmmodule item exosuitgrapplingarmmodule unlock exosuitgrapplingarmmodule
Prawn Suit Drill Arm exosuitdrillarmmodule spawn exosuitdrillarmmodule item exosuitdrillarmmodule unlock exosuitdrillarmmodule
Prawn Suit Torpedo Arm exosuittorpedoarmmodule spawn exosuittorpedoarmmodule item exosuittorpedoarmmodule unlock exosuittorpedoarmmodule
Vortex Torpedo whirlpooltorpedo spawn whirlpooltorpedo item whirlpooltorpedo
Gas Torpedo gastorpedo spawn gastorpedo item gastorpedo
Foundation basefoundation
Basic Compartment basecorridor
L Compartment basecorridorl
T Compartment basecorridort
X Compartment basecorridorx
Glass Compartment basecorridorglassi
L Glass Compartment basecorridorglassl
Vertical Connector baseconnector
Multipurpose Room baseroom unlock baseroom
Scanner Room basemaproom unlock basemaproom
Moonpool basemoonpool unlock basemoonpool
Observatory baseobservatory unlock baseobservatory
Hatch basehatch
Window basewindow
Reinforcement basereinforcement
Solar Panel solarpanel unlock solarpanel
Thermal Plant thermalplant unlock thermalplant
Power Transmitter powertransmitter unlock powertransmitter
Floodlight techlight unlock techlight
Spotlight spotlight unlock spotlight
Exterior Growbed farmingtray unlock farmingtray
Base Pipe Connector basepipeconnector
Ladder baseladder
Water Filtration Machine basefiltrationmachine unlock basefiltrationmachine
Bulkhead basebulkhead unlock basebulkhead
Vehicle Upgrade Console baseupgradeconsole unlock baseupgradeconsole
Bioreactor basebioreactor unlock basebioreactor
Nuclear Reactor basenuclearreactor unlock basenuclearreactor
Alien Containment basewaterpark unlock basewaterpark
Fabricator fabricator
Radio radio
Medical Kit Fabricator medicalcabinet
Wall Locker smalllocker
Locker locker
Battery Charger batterycharger unlock batterycharger
Power Cell Charger powercellcharger unlock powercellcharger
Aquarium aquarium
Modification Station workbench unlock workbench
Basic Plant Pot planterpot unlock planterpot
Composite Plant Pot planterpot2 unlock planterpot2
Chic Plant Pot planterpot3 unlock planterpot3
Interior Growbed planterbox unlock planterbox
Plant Shelf plantershelf unlock plantershelf
Bench bench unlock bench
Basic Double Bed bed1 unlock bed1
Quilted Double Bed bed2 unlock bed2
Narrow Bed narrowbed unlock narrowbed
Desk starshipdesk unlock starshipdesk
Chair starshipchair unlock starshipchair
Chair 2 starshipchair2 unlock starshipchair2
Chair 3 starshipchair3 unlock starshipchair3
Sign sign
Picture Frame pictureframe unlock pictureframe
Bar Table bartable unlock bartable
Trash Can trashcans unlock trashcans
Nuclear Waste Disposal labtrashcan unlock labtrashcan
Vending Machine vendingmachine unlock vendingmachine
Counter labcounter unlock labcounter
Wall Planter baseplanter unlock baseplanter
Single Wall Shelf singlewallshelf unlock singlewallshelf
Wall Shelves wallshelves unlock wallshelves
Scanner Room Hud Chip maproomhudchip spawn maproomhudchip item maproomhudchip
Camera Drone maproomcamera spawn maproomcamera item maproomcamera
Scanner Room Range Upgrade maproomupgradescanrange spawn maproomupgradescanrange item maproomupgradescanrange
Scanner Room Speed Upgrade maproomupgradescanspeed spawn maproomupgradescanspeed item maproomupgradescanspeed
Reclaimed Water stillsuitwater spawn stillsuitwater item stillsuitwater
Large Filtered Water bigfilteredwater spawn bigfilteredwater item bigfilteredwater
Depleted Reactor Rod depletedreactorrod spawn depletedreactorrod item depletedreactorrod
Multipurpose Room baseroomfragment spawn baseroomfragment
Observatory baseobservatoryfragment spawn baseobservatoryfragment
Scanner Room basemaproomfragment spawn basemaproomfragment
Moonpool moonpoolfragment spawn moonpoolfragment
Power Transmitter powertransmitterfragment spawn powertransmitterfragment
Solar Panel solarpanelfragment spawn solarpanelfragment
Thermal Plant thermalplantfragment spawn thermalplantfragment
Alien Containment basewaterparkfragment spawn basewaterparkfragment
Vehicle Upgrade Console baseupgradeconsolefragment spawn baseupgradeconsolefragment
Bulkhead basebulkheadfragment spawn basebulkheadfragment
Bioreactor bioreactorfragment spawn bioreactorfragment
Nuclear Reactor nuclearreactorfragment spawn nuclearreactorfragment
Modification Station workbenchfragment spawn workbenchfragment
Power Cell Charger powercellchargerfragment spawn powercellchargerfragment
Battery Charger batterychargerfragment spawn batterychargerfragment
Stillsuit stillsuitfragment spawn stillsuitfragment
Reinforced Dive Suit reinforceddivesuitfragment spawn reinforceddivesuitfragment
Stasis Rifle stasisriflefragment spawn stasisriflefragment
Propulsion Cannon propulsioncannonfragment spawn propulsioncannonfragment
Light Stick ledlightfragment spawn ledlightfragment
Transfuser transfuserfragment spawn transfuserfragment
Seaglide seaglidefragment spawn seaglidefragment
Mobile Vehicle Bay constructorfragment spawn constructorfragment
Seamoth seamothfragment spawn seamothfragment
Prawn Suit exosuitfragment spawn exosuitfragment
Cyclops cyclopsbridgefragment cyclopshullfragment cyclopsenginefragment spawn cyclopsbridgefragment cyclopshullfragment cyclopsenginefragment
Cyclops Depth Module Mk1 reinfrocedhullfragment spawn reinfrocedhullfragment
Prawn Suit Torpedo Arm exosuittorpedoarmfragment spawn exosuittorpedoarmfragment
Prawn Suit Grappling Arm exosuitgrapplingarmfragment spawn exosuitgrapplingarmfragment
Prawn Suit Drill Arm exosuitdrillarmfragment spawn exosuitdrillarmfragment
Prawn Suit Propulsion Cannon exosuitpropulsionarmfragment spawn exosuitpropulsionarmfragment
Coffee Vending Machine coffeevendingmachine spawn coffeevendingmachine item coffeevendingmachine
Lab Equipment labequipment1 labequipment2 labequipment3 spawn labequipment1 labequipment2 labequipment3 item labequipment1 labequipment2 labequipment3
Carry-all luggagebag spawn luggagebag item luggagebag
Posters poster posterexosuit1 posterexosuit2 posterkitty posteraurora spawn poster posterexosuit1 posterexosuit2 posterkitty posteraurora item poster posterexosuit1 posterexosuit2 posterkitty posteraurora
Aurora Miniature starshipsouvenir spawn starshipsouvenir item starshipsouvenir
Arcade Gorge Toy arcadegorgetoy spawn arcadegorgetoy item arcadegorgetoy
Cap cap1 cap2 spawn cap1 cap2 item cap1 cap2
Lab Container labcontainer labcontainer2 labcontainer3 spawn labcontainer labcontainer2 labcontainer3 item labcontainer labcontainer2 labcontainer3
Baby Leviathan Enzymes enzymecureball spawn enzymecureball item enzymecureball
Copper Ore copper spawn copper item copper
Cave Sulfur crashpowder spawn crashpowder item crashpowder
Diamond diamond spawn diamond item diamond
Gold gold spawn gold item gold
Gas Pod gaspod spawn gaspod item gaspod
Kyanite kyanite spawn kyanite item kyanite
Lead lead spawn lead item lead
Lithium lithium spawn lithium item lithium
Magnetite magnetite spawn magnetite item magnetite
Metal Salvage scrapmetal spawn scrapmetal item scrapmetal
Mercury Ore mercuryore spawn mercuryore item mercuryore
Quartz quartz spawn quartz item quartz
Salt Deposit salt spawn salt item salt
Alien Feces seatreaderpoop spawn seatreaderpoop item seatreaderpoop
Silver Ore silver spawn silver item silver
Stalker Teeth stalkertooth spawn stalkertooth item stalkertooth
Crystalline Sulfur sulphur spawn sulphur item sulphur
Uraninite Crystal uraninitecrystal spawn uraninitecrystal item uraninitecrystal
Copper Ore drillablecopper
Diamond drillablediamond
Gold drillablegold
Kyanite drillablekyanite
Lead drillablelead
Lithium drillablelithium
Magnetite drillablemagnetite
Quartz drillablequartz
Salt Deposit drillablesalt
Silver Ore drillablesilver
Titanium drillabletitanium
Uraninite Crystal drillableuraninite
Limestone Outcrop limestonechunk spawn limestonechunk
Sandstone Outcrop sandstonechunk spawn sandstonechunk
Shale Outcrop shalechunk spawn shalechunk
Table Coral Sample jeweleddiskpiece spawn jeweleddiskpiece item jeweleddiskpiece
Fungal Sample treemushroompiece spawn treemushroompiece item treemushroompiece
Brain Coral Sample purplebraincoralpiece spawn purplebraincoralpiece item purplebraincoralpiece
Coral Tube Sample coralchunk spawn coralchunk item coralchunk
Ampeel shocker spawn shocker
Biter biter spawn biter
Blighter blighter spawn blighter
Boneshark boneshark spawn boneshark
Crabsnake crabsnake spawn crabsnake
Crabsquid crabsquid spawn crabsquid
Crashfish crash spawn crash
Lava Lizard lavalizard spawn lavalizard
Mesmer mesmer spawn mesmer
Reaper Leviathan reaperleviathan spawn reaperleviathan
Sea Dragon Leviathan seadragon spawn seadragon
Sand Shark sandshark spawn sandshark
Stalker stalker spawn stalker
Warper warper spawn warper
Bladderfish bladderfish spawn bladderfish item bladderfish
Boomerang boomerang spawn boomerang item boomerang
Crimson Ray ghostrayred spawn ghostrayred
Cuddlefish cutefish spawn cutefish
Eyeye eyeye spawn eyeye item eyeye
Garryfish garryfish spawn garryfish item garryfish
Gasopod gasopod spawn gasopod
Ghostray ghostrayblue spawn ghostrayblue
Holefish holefish spawn holefish item holefish
Hoopfish hoopfish spawn hoopfish item hoopfish
Hoverfish hoverfish spawn hoverfish item hoverfish
Jellyray jellyray spawn jellyray
Magmarang lavaboomerang spawn lavaboomerang item lavaboomerang
Oculus oculus spawn oculus item oculus
Peeper peeper spawn peeper item peeper
Rabbit Ray rabbitray spawn rabbitray
Red Eyeye lavaeyeye spawn lavaeyeye item lavaeyeye
Reefback Leviathan reefback spawn reefback
Reginald reginald spawn reginald
Sea Treader seatreader spawn seatreader
Spadefish spadefish spawn spadefish item spadefish
Spinefish spinefish spawn spinefish item spinefish
Bleeder bleeder spawn bleeder
Blood Crawler shuttlebug spawn shuttlebug
Cave Crawler cavecrawler spawn cavecrawler
Floater floater spawn floater item floater
Lava Larva lavalarva spawn lavalarva
Rockgrub rockgrub spawn rockgrub
Shuttlebug jumper spawn jumper
Ampeel Egg shockeregg spawn shockeregg item shockeregg
Boneshark Egg bonesharkegg spawn bonesharkegg item bonesharkegg
Crabsnake Egg crabsnakeegg spawn crabsnakeegg item crabsnakeegg
Crashfish Egg crashegg spawn crashegg item crashegg
Gasopod Egg gasopodegg spawn gasopodegg item gasopodegg
Jellyray Egg jellyrayegg spawn jellyrayegg item jellyrayegg
Mesmer Egg mesmeregg spawn mesmeregg item mesmeregg
Rabbit Ray Egg rabbitrayegg spawn rabbitrayegg item rabbitrayegg
Reefback Leviathan Egg reefbackegg spawn reefbackegg item reefbackegg
Sand Shark Egg sandsharkegg spawn sandsharkegg item sandsharkegg
Shuttlebug Egg jumperegg spawn jumperegg item jumperegg
Spadefish Egg spadefishegg spawn spadefishegg item spadefishegg
Stalker Egg stalkeregg spawn stalkeregg item stalkeregg
Acid Mushroom acidmushroom spawn acidmushroom item acidmushroom
Bloodroot bloodroot spawn bloodroot
Blood Grass bloodgrass spawn bloodgrass
Bloodvine bloodvine spawn bloodvine
Blue Palm bluepalm spawn bluepalm
Bulbo Tree bulbotree spawn bulbotree
Cave Bush purplebranches spawn purplebranches
Chinese Potato purplevegetableplant spawn purplevegetableplant
Sulphur Plant crashhome spawn crashhome
Deep Shroom whitemushroom spawn whitemushroom
Drooping Stingers hangingstinger spawn hangingstinger
Eye Stalk eyesplant spawn eyesplant
Fern Palm fernpalm spawn fernpalm
Furled Papyrus redrollplant spawn redrollplant
Gabe's Feather gabesfeather spawn gabesfeather
Gel Sack jellyplant spawn jellyplant
Ghost Weed redgreententacle spawn redgreententacle
Green Grass greengrass spawn greengrass
Giant Cove Tree covetree spawn covetree
Grue Cluster bluecluster spawn bluecluster
Grub Basket orangepetalsplant spawn orangepetalsplant
Jaffa Cup orangemushroom spawn orangemushroom
Jellyshroom snakemushroom spawn snakemushroom
Bulb Bush smallkoosh mediumkoosh largekoosh hugekoosh spawn smallkoosh mediumkoosh largekoosh hugekoosh
Lantern Tree hangingfruittree spawn hangingfruittree
Marblemelon Plant melon smallmelon spawn melon smallmelon
Membrain Tree membraintree spawn membraintree
Ming Plant purplevaseplant spawn purplevaseplant
Mohawk mohawk spawn mohawk
Pink Cap pinkmushroom spawn pinkmushroom
Pygmy Fan smallfanseed spawn smallfanseed
Redwort redbush spawn redbush
Regress Shell redconeplantseed spawn redconeplantseed
Rouge Cradle redbasketplantseed spawn redbasketplantseed
Sea Crown seacrownseed spawn seacrownseed
Speckled Rattler purplerattle spawn purplerattle
Spiked Horn Grass shellgrass spawn shellgrass
Spotted Dockleaf spottedleavesplant spawn spottedleavesplant
Spotted Reeds greenreeds spawn greenreeds
Tiger Plant spikeplant spawn spikeplant
Tree Leech barnaclesuckers spawn barnaclesuckers
Veined Nettle purplefan spawn purplefan
Violet Beau purplestalk spawn purplestalk
Voxel Shrub pinkflower spawn pinkflower
Writhing Weed purpletentacle spawn purpletentacle
Acid Mushroom Spore acidmushroomspore spawn acidmushroomspore item acidmushroomspore
Blood Oil bloodoil spawn bloodoil item bloodoil
Blue Palm Seed bluepalmseed spawn bluepalmseed item bluepalmseed
Cave Bush Seed purplebranchesseed spawn purplebranchesseed item purplebranchesseed
Creepvine Sample creepvinepiece spawn creepvinepiece item creepvinepiece
Creepvine Seed Cluster creepvineseedcluster spawn creepvineseedcluster item creepvineseedcluster
Deep Shroom Spore whitemushroomspore spawn whitemushroomspore item whitemushroomspore
Eye Stalk Seed eyesplantseed spawn eyesplantseed item eyesplantseed
Furled Papyrus Seed redrollplantseed spawn redrollplantseed item redrollplantseed
Gabe's Feather Seed gabesfeatherseed spawn gabesfeatherseed item gabesfeatherseed
Gel Sack Spore jellyplantseed spawn jellyplantseed item jellyplantseed
Ghost Weed Seed redgreententacleseed spawn redgreententacleseed item redgreententacleseed
Jellyshroom Spore snakemushroomspore spawn snakemushroomspore item snakemushroomspore
Bulb Bush Sample kooshchunk spawn kooshchunk item kooshchunk
Membrain Tree Seed membraintreeseed spawn membraintreeseed item membraintreeseed
Redwort Seed redbushseed spawn redbushseed item redbushseed
Spiked Horn Grass Seed shellgrassseed spawn shellgrassseed item shellgrassseed
Spotted Dockleaf Seed spottedleavesplantseed spawn spottedleavesplantseed item spottedleavesplantseed
Tiger Plant Seed spikeplantseed spawn spikeplantseed item spikeplantseed
Veined Nettle Seed purplefanseed spawn purplefanseed item purplefanseed
Violet Beau Seed purplestalkseed spawn purplestalkseed item purplestalkseed
Writhing Weed Seed purpletentacleseed spawn purpletentacleseed item purpletentacleseed
Bulbo Tree Sample bulbotreepiece spawn bulbotreepiece item bulbotreepiece
Chinese Potato purplevegetable spawn purplevegetable item purplevegetable
Fern Palm Seed fernpalmseed spawn fernpalmseed item fernpalmseed
Grub Basket Seed orangepetalsplantseed spawn orangepetalsplantseed item orangepetalsplantseed
Jaffa Cup Seed orangemushroomspore spawn orangemushroomspore item orangemushroomspore
Lantern Fruit hangingfruit spawn hangingfruit item hangingfruit
Marblemelon Seeds melonseed spawn melonseed item melonseed
Ming Plant Seed purplevaseplantseed spawn purplevaseplantseed item purplevaseplantseed
Pink Cap Spore pinkmushroomspore spawn pinkmushroomspore item pinkmushroomspore
Speckled Rattler Spore purplerattlespore spawn purplerattlespore item purplerattlespore
Voxel Shrub Seed pinkflowerseed spawn pinkflowerseed item pinkflowerseed
Bloom Plankton bloom spawn bloom
Red Tablet precursorkey_red spawn precursorkey_red item precursorkey_red
Blue Tablet precursorkey_blue spawn precursorkey_blue item precursorkey_blue
Orange Tablet precursorkey_orange spawn precursorkey_orange item precursorkey_orange
White Tablet precursorkey_white spawn precursorkey_white item precursorkey_white
Purple Tablet precursorkey_purple spawn precursorkey_purple item precursorkey_purple
Alien Tablets precursorkeys spawn precursorkeys item precursorkeys
Hatching Enzymes hatchingenzymes spawn hatchingenzymes item hatchingenzymes
Ion Cube precursorioncrystal spawn precursorioncrystal item precursorioncrystal
River Prowler spineeel spawn spineeel
Sea Emperor Leviathan seaemperor spawn seaemperor
Sea Emperor Leviathan (babies) seaemperorbaby spawn seaemperorbaby
Shoal Of Fish hoopfishschool spawn hoopfishschool
Skyray skyray spawn skyray
Grand Reefs Egg grandreefsegg spawn grandreefsegg item grandreefsegg
Grassy Plateaus Egg grassyplateausegg spawn grassyplateausegg item grassyplateausegg
Kelp Forest Egg kelpforestegg spawn kelpforestegg item kelpforestegg
Bulb Zone Egg kooshzoneegg spawn kooshzoneegg item kooshzoneegg
Lava Zone Egg lavazoneegg spawn lavazoneegg item lavazoneegg
Mushroom Forest Egg mushroomforestegg spawn mushroomforestegg item mushroomforestegg
Safe Shallows Egg safeshallowsegg spawn safeshallowsegg item safeshallowsegg
Twisty Bridges Egg twistybridgesegg spawn twistybridgesegg item twistybridgesegg
Nanowires nanowires spawn nanowires item nanowires
Amino Acid aminoacids spawn aminoacids item aminoacids
Opal Gem opalgem spawn opalgem item opalgem
Nutrient Block nutrientblock spawn nutrientblock item nutrientblock
Cyclops Engine Efficiency Module powerupgrademodule spawn powerupgrademodule item powerupgrademodule
Fragment Analyzer FragmentAnalyzer
Use Bioreactor 0-1 Charge UseBaseBioReactor
Use Nuclear Reactor 0-1 Charge UseBaseNuclearReactor
Open Decoy Loading Tube UseDecoyTube
Natural Selection 2 Poster Poster
Aurora Poster PosterAurora
Prawn Suit Poster - Land PosterExoSuit1
Prawn Suit Poster - Sea PosterExoSuit2
Keep Calm Poster PosterKitty
Hardened Blade DiamondBlade
Dive Suit DiveSuit
Powerglide PowerGlide
Abandoned Pda SurvivorPDA
Data Terminal GenericConsole
Databox Databox
Centrifuge Centrifuge
Cyclops Pressure Compensator HullReinforcementModule
Cyclops Depth Module Mk3 CyclopsHullModule3
Cyclops Shield Generator CyclopsShieldModule
Cyclops Sonar Upgrade CyclopsSonarModule
Cyclops Docking Bay Repair Module CyclopsSeamothRepairModule
Cyclops Thermal Reactor Module CyclopsThermalReactorModule
Cyclops Decoy Tube Upgrade CyclopsDecoyModule
Hull Plate SpecialHullPlate
Dev Test Item DevTestItem
Bikeman Hull Plate BikemanHullPlate
Eat My Diction Hull Plate EatMyDictionHullPlate
Diorama Hull Plate DioramaHullPlate
Markiplier Hull Plate MarkiplierHullPlate
Muyskerm Hull Plate MuyskermHullPlate
Lordminion Hull Plate LordMinionHullPlate
Jacksepticeye Hull Plate JackSepticEyeHullPlate
Indie Game Promoter Hull Plate IGPHullPlate
Gilathiss Hull Plate GilathissHullPlate
Neptune Gantry RocketBaseLadder
Neptune Boosters RocketStage1
Neptune Fuel Reserve RocketStage2
Neptune Cockpit RocketStage3
Water Filtration Machine FiltrationMachine
Creature Decoy CyclopsDecoy
Current Generator CurrentGenerator
Cyclops Cyclops
Incubator Incubator
Graphene Graphene
Magnesium Magnesium
Nickel Ore Nickel
Radiation Gloves RadiationGloves
Radiation Helmet RadiationHelmet
Radiation Suit RadiationSuit
Reinforced Gloves ReinforcedGloves
Signal Signal
Small Vac-pack SmallSupplyCrate
Vac-pack SupplyCrate
High Capacity O2 Tank DoubleTank
Terraformer Terraformer
Thermometer Thermometer
Uranium Uranium
Ion Power Cell PrecursorIonPowerCell
Ion Battery PrecursorIonBattery
Ion Crystal Matrix PrecursorIonCrystalMatrix
Mix Chips Snack1
Rice Snack Snack2
Potato Mix Snack3
Coffee Americano Coffee
Reefback Dna Sample ReefbackDNA
Cargo Crate StarshipCargoCrate
Circuit Box StarshipCircuitBox
Monitor StarshipMonitor
Microscope (non-functional) LabEquipment1
Fluid Analyzer (non-functional) LabEquipment2
Sample Analyzer (non-functional) LabEquipment3
Gray Cap Cap1
Blue Cap Cap2
Large Sample Flask LabContainer
Small Sample Flask LabContainer2
Cylindrical Sample Flask LabContainer3
An Unusual Doll Marki1
An Unusual Doll Marki2
Jack's Septic Tank JackSepticEye
Marla EatMyDiction
Toy Car ToyCar
Bioreactor Fragment BaseBioReactorFragment
Filtration Machine Fragment FiltrationMachineFragment
Nuclear Reactor Fragment BaseNuclearReactorFragment
Cyclops Depth Module Fragment ReinforceHullFragment
Terraformer Fragment TerraformerFragment
Bioreactor Blueprint BioreactorBlueprint
Mobile Vehicle Bay Blueprint ConstructorBlueprint
Cyclops Blueprint CyclopsBlueprint
Prawn Suit Blueprint ExosuitBlueprint
Fabricator Blueprint FabricatorBlueprint
Moonpool Blueprint MoonpoolBlueprint
Nuclear Reactor Blueprint NuclearReactorBlueprint
Cyclops Pressure Compensator Blueprint ReinforceHullBlueprint
Propulsion Cannon Blueprint PropulsionCannonBlueprint
Seamoth Blueprint SeamothBlueprint
Specimen Analyzer Blueprint SpecimenAnalyzerBlueprint
Stasis Rifle Blueprint StasisRifleBlueprint
Terraformer Blueprint TerraformerBlueprint
Thermal Plant Blueprint ThermalPlantBlueprint
Transfuser Blueprint TransfuserBlueprint
Modification Station Blueprint WorkbenchBlueprint
Floodlight Blueprint TechlightBlueprint
Light Stick Blueprint LEDLightBlueprint
Cyclops Hull Blueprint CyclopsHullBlueprint
Cyclops Bridge Blueprint CyclopsBridgeBlueprint
Cyclops Engine Blueprint CyclopsEngineBlueprint
Cyclops Docking Bay Blueprint CyclopsDockingBayBlueprint
Specimen Analyzer SpecimenAnalyzer
Cartilaginous Tissue ReefbackTissue
Cartilaginous Shell ReefbackShell
Chelonian Structure ReefbackAdvancedStructure
Base Cyclops Reinforcement Module HullReinforcementModule2
Chelonian Hull Reinforcement Module HullReinforcementModule3
Seamoth Depth Module SeamothReinforcementModule
Prawn Suit Depth Module Mk1 ExoHullModule1
Prawn Suit Depth Module Mk2 ExoHullModule2
Prawn Suit Claw Arm ExosuitClawArmModule
Rabbitray Undiscovered Egg RabbitrayEggUndiscovered
Jellyray Undiscovered Egg JellyrayEggUndiscovered
Stalker Undiscovered Egg StalkerEggUndiscovered
Reefback Undiscovered Egg ReefbackEggUndiscovered
Jumper Undiscovered Egg JumperEggUndiscovered
Boneshark Undiscovered Egg BonesharkEggUndiscovered
Gasopod Undiscovered Egg GasopodEggUndiscovered
Mesmer Undiscovered Egg MesmerEggUndiscovered
Sandshark Undiscovered Egg SandsharkEggUndiscovered
Shocker Undiscovered Egg ShockerEggUndiscovered
Crash Undiscovered Egg CrashEggUndiscovered
Crabsquid Undiscovered Egg CrabsquidEggUndiscovered
Cutefish Undiscovered Egg CutefishEggUndiscovered
Lava Lizard Undiscovered Egg LavaLizardEggUndiscovered
Crabsnake Undiscovered Egg CrabsnakeEggUndiscovered
Spadefish Undiscovered Egg SpadefishEggUndiscovered
Crabsquid Egg CrabsquidEgg
Cuddlefish Egg CutefishEgg
Lava Lizard Egg LavaLizardEgg
Creepvine Creepvine
Marblemelon Melon
Small Marblemelon SmallMelon
Pygmy Fan SmallFan
Pygmy Bulb Bush SmallKoosh
Common Bulb Bush MediumKoosh
Large Bulb Bush LargeKoosh
Giant Bulb Bush HugeKoosh
Marblemelon Plant MelonPlant
Brain Coral PurpleBrainCoral
Pygmy Fan Cluster SmallFanCluster
Sea Crown SeaCrown
Rouge Cradle RedBasketPlant
Regress Shell RedConePlant
Table Coral GenericJeweledDisk
Blue Table Coral BlueJeweledDisk
Green Table Coral GreenJeweledDisk
Purple Table Coral PurpleJeweledDisk
Red Table Coral RedJeweledDisk
Tree Mushroom TreeMushroom
Giant Coral Tubes BigCoralTubes
Coral Shell Plate CoralShellPlate
Glass Compartment BaseCorridorGlass
I Compartment BaseCorridorI
Door BaseDoor
Wall BaseWall
Power Generator PowerGenerator
Accumulator Accumulator