Subnautica Eggs ID List

Below is a list of all item IDs and spawn codes within the Eggs category.

All eggs for fauna (fish and animals) in Subnautica are in this category.

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Item Name Item ID Spawn Code Item Code Unlock Code
Ampeel Egg shockeregg spawn shockeregg item shockeregg
Boneshark Egg bonesharkegg spawn bonesharkegg item bonesharkegg
Crabsnake Egg crabsnakeegg spawn crabsnakeegg item crabsnakeegg
Crashfish Egg crashegg spawn crashegg item crashegg
Gasopod Egg gasopodegg spawn gasopodegg item gasopodegg
Jellyray Egg jellyrayegg spawn jellyrayegg item jellyrayegg
Mesmer Egg mesmeregg spawn mesmeregg item mesmeregg
Rabbit Ray Egg rabbitrayegg spawn rabbitrayegg item rabbitrayegg
Reefback Leviathan Egg reefbackegg spawn reefbackegg item reefbackegg
Sand Shark Egg sandsharkegg spawn sandsharkegg item sandsharkegg
Shuttlebug Egg jumperegg spawn jumperegg item jumperegg
Spadefish Egg spadefishegg spawn spadefishegg item spadefishegg
Stalker Egg stalkeregg spawn stalkeregg item stalkeregg