Subnautica Fabricator ID List

Below is a list of all item IDs and spawn codes within the Fabricator category.

In this category, you can find items and objects crafted via the fabricator, and upgrades for the scanner room.

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Item Name Item ID Spawn Code Item Code Unlock Code
Scanner Room Hud Chip maproomhudchip spawn maproomhudchip item maproomhudchip
Camera Drone maproomcamera spawn maproomcamera item maproomcamera
Scanner Room Range Upgrade maproomupgradescanrange spawn maproomupgradescanrange item maproomupgradescanrange
Scanner Room Speed Upgrade maproomupgradescanspeed spawn maproomupgradescanspeed item maproomupgradescanspeed
Reclaimed Water stillsuitwater spawn stillsuitwater item stillsuitwater
Large Filtered Water bigfilteredwater spawn bigfilteredwater item bigfilteredwater
Depleted Reactor Rod depletedreactorrod spawn depletedreactorrod item depletedreactorrod