Subnautica Fauna ID List

Below is a list of all item IDs and spawn codes within the Fauna category.

This category contains any and all living beings (or animals) from Subnautica including fish.

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Item Name Item ID Spawn Code Item Code Unlock Code
Ampeel shocker spawn shocker
Biter biter spawn biter
Blighter blighter spawn blighter
Boneshark boneshark spawn boneshark
Crabsnake crabsnake spawn crabsnake
Crabsquid crabsquid spawn crabsquid
Crashfish crash spawn crash
Lava Lizard lavalizard spawn lavalizard
Mesmer mesmer spawn mesmer
Reaper Leviathan reaperleviathan spawn reaperleviathan
Sea Dragon Leviathan seadragon spawn seadragon
Sand Shark sandshark spawn sandshark
Stalker stalker spawn stalker
Warper warper spawn warper
Bladderfish bladderfish spawn bladderfish item bladderfish
Boomerang boomerang spawn boomerang item boomerang
Crimson Ray ghostrayred spawn ghostrayred
Cuddlefish cutefish spawn cutefish
Eyeye eyeye spawn eyeye item eyeye
Garryfish garryfish spawn garryfish item garryfish
Gasopod gasopod spawn gasopod
Ghostray ghostrayblue spawn ghostrayblue
Holefish holefish spawn holefish item holefish
Hoopfish hoopfish spawn hoopfish item hoopfish
Hoverfish hoverfish spawn hoverfish item hoverfish
Jellyray jellyray spawn jellyray
Magmarang lavaboomerang spawn lavaboomerang item lavaboomerang
Oculus oculus spawn oculus item oculus
Peeper peeper spawn peeper item peeper
Rabbit Ray rabbitray spawn rabbitray
Red Eyeye lavaeyeye spawn lavaeyeye item lavaeyeye
Reefback Leviathan reefback spawn reefback
Reginald reginald spawn reginald
Sea Treader seatreader spawn seatreader
Spadefish spadefish spawn spadefish item spadefish
Spinefish spinefish spawn spinefish item spinefish
Bleeder bleeder spawn bleeder
Blood Crawler shuttlebug spawn shuttlebug
Cave Crawler cavecrawler spawn cavecrawler
Floater floater spawn floater item floater
Lava Larva lavalarva spawn lavalarva
Rockgrub rockgrub spawn rockgrub
Shuttlebug jumper spawn jumper