Subnautica Food ID List

Below is a list of all item IDs and spawn codes within the Food category.

This category contains all obtainable food in Subnautica - cooked or uncooked.

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Item Name Item ID Spawn Code Item Code Unlock Code
Cooked Holefish cookedholefish spawn cookedholefish item cookedholefish unlock cookedholefish
Cooked Peeper cookedpeeper spawn cookedpeeper item cookedpeeper unlock cookedpeeper
Cooked Bladderfish cookedbladderfish spawn cookedbladderfish item cookedbladderfish unlock cookedbladderfish
Cooked Garryfish cookedgarryfish spawn cookedgarryfish item cookedgarryfish unlock cookedgarryfish
Cooked Hoverfish cookedhoverfish spawn cookedhoverfish item cookedhoverfish unlock cookedhoverfish
Cooked Reginald cookedreginald spawn cookedreginald item cookedreginald unlock cookedreginald
Cooked Spadefish cookedspadefish spawn cookedspadefish item cookedspadefish unlock cookedspadefish
Cooked Boomerang cookedboomerang spawn cookedboomerang item cookedboomerang unlock cookedboomerang
Cooked Magmarang cookedlavaboomerang spawn cookedlavaboomerang item cookedlavaboomerang unlock cookedlavaboomerang
Cooked Eyeye cookedeyeye spawn cookedeyeye item cookedeyeye unlock cookedeyeye
Cooked Red Eyeye cookedlavaeyeye spawn cookedlavaeyeye item cookedlavaeyeye unlock cookedlavaeyeye
Cooked Oculus cookedoculus spawn cookedoculus item cookedoculus unlock cookedoculus
Cooked Hoopfish cookedhoopfish spawn cookedhoopfish item cookedhoopfish unlock cookedhoopfish
Cooked Spinefish cookedspinefish spawn cookedspinefish item cookedspinefish unlock cookedspinefish
Cured Holefish curedholefish spawn curedholefish item curedholefish unlock curedholefish
Cured Peeper curedpeeper spawn curedpeeper item curedpeeper unlock curedpeeper
Cured Bladderfish curedbladderfish spawn curedbladderfish item curedbladderfish unlock curedbladderfish
Cured Garryfish curedgarryfish spawn curedgarryfish item curedgarryfish unlock curedgarryfish
Cured Hoverfish curedhoverfish spawn curedhoverfish item curedhoverfish unlock curedhoverfish
Cured Reginald curedreginald spawn curedreginald item curedreginald unlock curedreginald
Cured Spadefish curedspadefish spawn curedspadefish item curedspadefish unlock curedspadefish
Cured Boomerang curedboomerang spawn curedboomerang item curedboomerang unlock curedboomerang
Cured Magmarang curedlavaboomerang spawn curedlavaboomerang item curedlavaboomerang unlock curedlavaboomerang
Cured Eyeye curedeyeye spawn curedeyeye item curedeyeye unlock curedeyeye
Cured Red Eyeye curedlavaeyeye spawn curedlavaeyeye item curedlavaeyeye unlock curedlavaeyeye
Cured Oculus curedoculus spawn curedoculus item curedoculus unlock curedoculus
Cured Hoopfish curedhoopfish spawn curedhoopfish item curedhoopfish unlock curedhoopfish
Cured Spinefish curedspinefish spawn curedspinefish item curedspinefish unlock curedspinefish