Subnautica Habitat Builder ID List

Below is a list of all item IDs and spawn codes within the Habitat Builder category.

This category contains equipment and objects that can be crafted using the Habitat Builder.

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Item Name Item ID Spawn Code Item Code Unlock Code
Foundation basefoundation
Basic Compartment basecorridor
L Compartment basecorridorl
T Compartment basecorridort
X Compartment basecorridorx
Glass Compartment basecorridorglassi
L Glass Compartment basecorridorglassl
Vertical Connector baseconnector
Multipurpose Room baseroom unlock baseroom
Scanner Room basemaproom unlock basemaproom
Moonpool basemoonpool unlock basemoonpool
Observatory baseobservatory unlock baseobservatory
Hatch basehatch
Window basewindow
Reinforcement basereinforcement
Solar Panel solarpanel unlock solarpanel
Thermal Plant thermalplant unlock thermalplant
Power Transmitter powertransmitter unlock powertransmitter
Floodlight techlight unlock techlight
Spotlight spotlight unlock spotlight
Exterior Growbed farmingtray unlock farmingtray
Base Pipe Connector basepipeconnector
Ladder baseladder
Water Filtration Machine basefiltrationmachine unlock basefiltrationmachine
Bulkhead basebulkhead unlock basebulkhead
Vehicle Upgrade Console baseupgradeconsole unlock baseupgradeconsole
Bioreactor basebioreactor unlock basebioreactor
Nuclear Reactor basenuclearreactor unlock basenuclearreactor
Alien Containment basewaterpark unlock basewaterpark
Fabricator fabricator
Radio radio
Medical Kit Fabricator medicalcabinet
Wall Locker smalllocker
Locker locker
Battery Charger batterycharger unlock batterycharger
Power Cell Charger powercellcharger unlock powercellcharger
Aquarium aquarium
Modification Station workbench unlock workbench
Basic Plant Pot planterpot unlock planterpot
Composite Plant Pot planterpot2 unlock planterpot2
Chic Plant Pot planterpot3 unlock planterpot3
Interior Growbed planterbox unlock planterbox
Plant Shelf plantershelf unlock plantershelf
Bench bench unlock bench
Basic Double Bed bed1 unlock bed1
Quilted Double Bed bed2 unlock bed2
Narrow Bed narrowbed unlock narrowbed
Desk starshipdesk unlock starshipdesk
Chair starshipchair unlock starshipchair
Chair 2 starshipchair2 unlock starshipchair2
Chair 3 starshipchair3 unlock starshipchair3
Sign sign
Picture Frame pictureframe unlock pictureframe
Bar Table bartable unlock bartable
Trash Can trashcans unlock trashcans
Nuclear Waste Disposal labtrashcan unlock labtrashcan
Vending Machine vendingmachine unlock vendingmachine
Counter labcounter unlock labcounter
Wall Planter baseplanter unlock baseplanter
Single Wall Shelf singlewallshelf unlock singlewallshelf
Wall Shelves wallshelves unlock wallshelves