Subnautica Material ID List

Below is a list of all item IDs and spawn codes within the Material category.

This category contains all Subnautica resources, such as metals and glass.

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Item Name Item ID Spawn Code Item Code Unlock Code
Titanium titanium spawn titanium item titanium
Titanium Ingot titaniumingot spawn titaniumingot item titaniumingot
Fiber Mesh fibermesh spawn fibermesh item fibermesh unlock fibermesh
Silicone Rubber silicone spawn silicone item silicone
Ruby aluminumoxide spawn aluminumoxide item aluminumoxide
Glass glass spawn glass item glass
Bleach bleach spawn bleach item bleach
Lubricant lubricant spawn lubricant item lubricant unlock lubricant
Enameled Glass enameledglass spawn enameledglass item enameledglass
Plasteel Ingot plasteelingot spawn plasteelingot item plasteelingot
Hydrochloric Acid hydrochloricacid spawn hydrochloricacid item hydrochloricacid unlock hydrochloricacid
Benzene benzene spawn benzene item benzene
Synthetic Fibers aramidfibers spawn aramidfibers item aramidfibers
Aerogel aerogel spawn aerogel item aerogel unlock aerogel
Polyaniline polyaniline spawn polyaniline item polyaniline unlock polyaniline
Baby Leviathan Enzymes enzymecureball spawn enzymecureball item enzymecureball
Copper Ore copper spawn copper item copper
Cave Sulfur crashpowder spawn crashpowder item crashpowder
Diamond diamond spawn diamond item diamond
Gold gold spawn gold item gold
Gas Pod gaspod spawn gaspod item gaspod
Kyanite kyanite spawn kyanite item kyanite
Lead lead spawn lead item lead
Lithium lithium spawn lithium item lithium
Magnetite magnetite spawn magnetite item magnetite
Metal Salvage scrapmetal spawn scrapmetal item scrapmetal
Mercury Ore mercuryore spawn mercuryore item mercuryore
Quartz quartz spawn quartz item quartz
Salt Deposit salt spawn salt item salt
Alien Feces seatreaderpoop spawn seatreaderpoop item seatreaderpoop
Silver Ore silver spawn silver item silver
Stalker Teeth stalkertooth spawn stalkertooth item stalkertooth
Crystalline Sulfur sulphur spawn sulphur item sulphur
Uraninite Crystal uraninitecrystal spawn uraninitecrystal item uraninitecrystal
Copper Ore drillablecopper
Diamond drillablediamond
Gold drillablegold
Kyanite drillablekyanite
Lead drillablelead
Lithium drillablelithium
Magnetite drillablemagnetite
Quartz drillablequartz
Salt Deposit drillablesalt
Silver Ore drillablesilver
Titanium drillabletitanium
Uraninite Crystal drillableuraninite
Limestone Outcrop limestonechunk spawn limestonechunk
Sandstone Outcrop sandstonechunk spawn sandstonechunk
Shale Outcrop shalechunk spawn shalechunk