Subnautica Miscellaneous ID List

Below is a list of all item IDs and spawn codes within the Miscellaneous category.

Any items, objects or spawn codes that do not have their own category have been placed in this category.

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Item Name Item ID Spawn Code Item Code Unlock Code
Bloom Plankton bloom spawn bloom
Red Tablet precursorkey_red spawn precursorkey_red item precursorkey_red
Blue Tablet precursorkey_blue spawn precursorkey_blue item precursorkey_blue
Orange Tablet precursorkey_orange spawn precursorkey_orange item precursorkey_orange
White Tablet precursorkey_white spawn precursorkey_white item precursorkey_white
Purple Tablet precursorkey_purple spawn precursorkey_purple item precursorkey_purple
Alien Tablets precursorkeys spawn precursorkeys item precursorkeys
Hatching Enzymes hatchingenzymes spawn hatchingenzymes item hatchingenzymes
Ion Cube precursorioncrystal spawn precursorioncrystal item precursorioncrystal
River Prowler spineeel spawn spineeel
Sea Emperor Leviathan seaemperor spawn seaemperor
Sea Emperor Leviathan (babies) seaemperorbaby spawn seaemperorbaby
Shoal Of Fish hoopfishschool spawn hoopfishschool
Skyray skyray spawn skyray
Grand Reefs Egg grandreefsegg spawn grandreefsegg item grandreefsegg
Grassy Plateaus Egg grassyplateausegg spawn grassyplateausegg item grassyplateausegg
Kelp Forest Egg kelpforestegg spawn kelpforestegg item kelpforestegg
Bulb Zone Egg kooshzoneegg spawn kooshzoneegg item kooshzoneegg
Lava Zone Egg lavazoneegg spawn lavazoneegg item lavazoneegg
Mushroom Forest Egg mushroomforestegg spawn mushroomforestegg item mushroomforestegg
Safe Shallows Egg safeshallowsegg spawn safeshallowsegg item safeshallowsegg
Twisty Bridges Egg twistybridgesegg spawn twistybridgesegg item twistybridgesegg
Nanowires nanowires spawn nanowires item nanowires
Amino Acid aminoacids spawn aminoacids item aminoacids
Opal Gem opalgem spawn opalgem item opalgem
Nutrient Block nutrientblock spawn nutrientblock item nutrientblock
Cyclops Engine Efficiency Module powerupgrademodule spawn powerupgrademodule item powerupgrademodule
Fragment Analyzer FragmentAnalyzer
Use Bioreactor 0-1 Charge UseBaseBioReactor
Use Nuclear Reactor 0-1 Charge UseBaseNuclearReactor
Open Decoy Loading Tube UseDecoyTube
Natural Selection 2 Poster Poster
Aurora Poster PosterAurora
Prawn Suit Poster - Land PosterExoSuit1
Prawn Suit Poster - Sea PosterExoSuit2
Keep Calm Poster PosterKitty
Hardened Blade DiamondBlade
Dive Suit DiveSuit
Powerglide PowerGlide
Abandoned Pda SurvivorPDA
Data Terminal GenericConsole
Databox Databox
Centrifuge Centrifuge
Cyclops Pressure Compensator HullReinforcementModule
Cyclops Depth Module Mk3 CyclopsHullModule3
Cyclops Shield Generator CyclopsShieldModule
Cyclops Sonar Upgrade CyclopsSonarModule
Cyclops Docking Bay Repair Module CyclopsSeamothRepairModule
Cyclops Thermal Reactor Module CyclopsThermalReactorModule
Cyclops Decoy Tube Upgrade CyclopsDecoyModule
Hull Plate SpecialHullPlate
Dev Test Item DevTestItem
Bikeman Hull Plate BikemanHullPlate
Eat My Diction Hull Plate EatMyDictionHullPlate
Diorama Hull Plate DioramaHullPlate
Markiplier Hull Plate MarkiplierHullPlate
Muyskerm Hull Plate MuyskermHullPlate
Lordminion Hull Plate LordMinionHullPlate
Jacksepticeye Hull Plate JackSepticEyeHullPlate
Indie Game Promoter Hull Plate IGPHullPlate
Gilathiss Hull Plate GilathissHullPlate
Neptune Gantry RocketBaseLadder
Neptune Boosters RocketStage1
Neptune Fuel Reserve RocketStage2
Neptune Cockpit RocketStage3
Water Filtration Machine FiltrationMachine
Creature Decoy CyclopsDecoy
Current Generator CurrentGenerator
Cyclops Cyclops
Incubator Incubator
Graphene Graphene
Magnesium Magnesium
Nickel Ore Nickel
Radiation Gloves RadiationGloves
Radiation Helmet RadiationHelmet
Radiation Suit RadiationSuit
Reinforced Gloves ReinforcedGloves
Signal Signal
Small Vac-pack SmallSupplyCrate
Vac-pack SupplyCrate
High Capacity O2 Tank DoubleTank
Terraformer Terraformer
Thermometer Thermometer
Uranium Uranium
Ion Power Cell PrecursorIonPowerCell
Ion Battery PrecursorIonBattery
Ion Crystal Matrix PrecursorIonCrystalMatrix
Mix Chips Snack1
Rice Snack Snack2
Potato Mix Snack3
Coffee Americano Coffee
Reefback Dna Sample ReefbackDNA
Cargo Crate StarshipCargoCrate
Circuit Box StarshipCircuitBox
Monitor StarshipMonitor
Microscope (non-functional) LabEquipment1
Fluid Analyzer (non-functional) LabEquipment2
Sample Analyzer (non-functional) LabEquipment3
Gray Cap Cap1
Blue Cap Cap2
Large Sample Flask LabContainer
Small Sample Flask LabContainer2
Cylindrical Sample Flask LabContainer3
An Unusual Doll Marki1
An Unusual Doll Marki2
Jack's Septic Tank JackSepticEye
Marla EatMyDiction
Toy Car ToyCar
Bioreactor Fragment BaseBioReactorFragment
Filtration Machine Fragment FiltrationMachineFragment
Nuclear Reactor Fragment BaseNuclearReactorFragment
Cyclops Depth Module Fragment ReinforceHullFragment
Terraformer Fragment TerraformerFragment
Specimen Analyzer SpecimenAnalyzer
Cartilaginous Tissue ReefbackTissue
Cartilaginous Shell ReefbackShell
Chelonian Structure ReefbackAdvancedStructure
Base Cyclops Reinforcement Module HullReinforcementModule2
Chelonian Hull Reinforcement Module HullReinforcementModule3
Seamoth Depth Module SeamothReinforcementModule
Prawn Suit Depth Module Mk1 ExoHullModule1
Prawn Suit Depth Module Mk2 ExoHullModule2
Prawn Suit Claw Arm ExosuitClawArmModule
Rabbitray Undiscovered Egg RabbitrayEggUndiscovered
Jellyray Undiscovered Egg JellyrayEggUndiscovered
Stalker Undiscovered Egg StalkerEggUndiscovered
Reefback Undiscovered Egg ReefbackEggUndiscovered
Jumper Undiscovered Egg JumperEggUndiscovered
Boneshark Undiscovered Egg BonesharkEggUndiscovered
Gasopod Undiscovered Egg GasopodEggUndiscovered
Mesmer Undiscovered Egg MesmerEggUndiscovered
Sandshark Undiscovered Egg SandsharkEggUndiscovered
Shocker Undiscovered Egg ShockerEggUndiscovered
Crash Undiscovered Egg CrashEggUndiscovered
Crabsquid Undiscovered Egg CrabsquidEggUndiscovered
Cutefish Undiscovered Egg CutefishEggUndiscovered
Lava Lizard Undiscovered Egg LavaLizardEggUndiscovered
Crabsnake Undiscovered Egg CrabsnakeEggUndiscovered
Spadefish Undiscovered Egg SpadefishEggUndiscovered
Crabsquid Egg CrabsquidEgg
Cuddlefish Egg CutefishEgg
Lava Lizard Egg LavaLizardEgg
Creepvine Creepvine
Marblemelon Melon
Small Marblemelon SmallMelon
Pygmy Fan SmallFan
Pygmy Bulb Bush SmallKoosh
Common Bulb Bush MediumKoosh
Large Bulb Bush LargeKoosh
Giant Bulb Bush HugeKoosh
Marblemelon Plant MelonPlant
Brain Coral PurpleBrainCoral
Pygmy Fan Cluster SmallFanCluster
Sea Crown SeaCrown
Rouge Cradle RedBasketPlant
Regress Shell RedConePlant
Table Coral GenericJeweledDisk
Blue Table Coral BlueJeweledDisk
Green Table Coral GreenJeweledDisk
Purple Table Coral PurpleJeweledDisk
Red Table Coral RedJeweledDisk
Tree Mushroom TreeMushroom
Giant Coral Tubes BigCoralTubes
Coral Shell Plate CoralShellPlate
Glass Compartment BaseCorridorGlass
I Compartment BaseCorridorI
Door BaseDoor
Wall BaseWall
Power Generator PowerGenerator
Accumulator Accumulator