Subnautica Modules ID List

Below is a list of all item IDs and spawn codes within the Modules category.

This category contains all Subnautica modules from the vehicle upgrade console.

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Item Name Item ID Spawn Code Item Code Unlock Code
Depth Module Mk1 vehiclehullmodule1 spawn vehiclehullmodule1 item vehiclehullmodule1
Hull Reinforcement vehiclearmorplating spawn vehiclearmorplating item vehiclearmorplating
Engine Efficiency Module vehiclepowerupgrademodule spawn vehiclepowerupgrademodule item vehiclepowerupgrademodule
Storage Module vehiclestoragemodule spawn vehiclestoragemodule item vehiclestoragemodule
Metal Sensor LootSensorMetal spawn LootSensorMetal item LootSensorMetal
Lithium Sensor LootSensorLithium spawn LootSensorLithium item LootSensorLithium
Fragment Sensor LootSensorFragment spawn LootSensorFragment item LootSensorFragment
Seamoth Solar Charger seamothsolarcharge spawn seamothsolarcharge item seamothsolarcharge
Seamoth Perimeter Defense System seamothelectricaldefense spawn seamothelectricaldefense item seamothelectricaldefense
Torpedo System seamothtorpedomodule spawn seamothtorpedomodule item seamothtorpedomodule
Seamoth Sonar seamothsonarmodule spawn seamothsonarmodule item seamothsonarmodule
Prawn Suit Thermal Reactor exosuitthermalreactormodule spawn exosuitthermalreactormodule item exosuitthermalreactormodule
Prawn Suit Jump Jet Upgrade exosuitjetupgrademodule spawn exosuitjetupgrademodule item exosuitjetupgrademodule
Prawn Suit Propulsion Cannon exosuitpropulsionarmmodule spawn exosuitpropulsionarmmodule item exosuitpropulsionarmmodule unlock exosuitpropulsionarmmodule
Prawn Suit Grappling Arm exosuitgrapplingarmmodule spawn exosuitgrapplingarmmodule item exosuitgrapplingarmmodule unlock exosuitgrapplingarmmodule
Prawn Suit Drill Arm exosuitdrillarmmodule spawn exosuitdrillarmmodule item exosuitdrillarmmodule unlock exosuitdrillarmmodule
Prawn Suit Torpedo Arm exosuittorpedoarmmodule spawn exosuittorpedoarmmodule item exosuittorpedoarmmodule unlock exosuittorpedoarmmodule