Subnautica Plants ID List

Below is a list of all item IDs and spawn codes within the Plants category.

Any growing plant, fungi, etc in Subnautica is in this category.

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Item Name Item ID Spawn Code Item Code Unlock Code
Acid Mushroom acidmushroom spawn acidmushroom item acidmushroom
Bloodroot bloodroot spawn bloodroot
Blood Grass bloodgrass spawn bloodgrass
Bloodvine bloodvine spawn bloodvine
Blue Palm bluepalm spawn bluepalm
Bulbo Tree bulbotree spawn bulbotree
Cave Bush purplebranches spawn purplebranches
Chinese Potato purplevegetableplant spawn purplevegetableplant
Sulphur Plant crashhome spawn crashhome
Deep Shroom whitemushroom spawn whitemushroom
Drooping Stingers hangingstinger spawn hangingstinger
Eye Stalk eyesplant spawn eyesplant
Fern Palm fernpalm spawn fernpalm
Furled Papyrus redrollplant spawn redrollplant
Gabe's Feather gabesfeather spawn gabesfeather
Gel Sack jellyplant spawn jellyplant
Ghost Weed redgreententacle spawn redgreententacle
Green Grass greengrass spawn greengrass
Giant Cove Tree covetree spawn covetree
Grue Cluster bluecluster spawn bluecluster
Grub Basket orangepetalsplant spawn orangepetalsplant
Jaffa Cup orangemushroom spawn orangemushroom
Jellyshroom snakemushroom spawn snakemushroom
Bulb Bush smallkoosh mediumkoosh largekoosh hugekoosh spawn smallkoosh mediumkoosh largekoosh hugekoosh
Lantern Tree hangingfruittree spawn hangingfruittree
Marblemelon Plant melon smallmelon spawn melon smallmelon
Membrain Tree membraintree spawn membraintree
Ming Plant purplevaseplant spawn purplevaseplant
Mohawk mohawk spawn mohawk
Pink Cap pinkmushroom spawn pinkmushroom
Pygmy Fan smallfanseed spawn smallfanseed
Redwort redbush spawn redbush
Regress Shell redconeplantseed spawn redconeplantseed
Rouge Cradle redbasketplantseed spawn redbasketplantseed
Sea Crown seacrownseed spawn seacrownseed
Speckled Rattler purplerattle spawn purplerattle
Spiked Horn Grass shellgrass spawn shellgrass
Spotted Dockleaf spottedleavesplant spawn spottedleavesplant
Spotted Reeds greenreeds spawn greenreeds
Tiger Plant spikeplant spawn spikeplant
Tree Leech barnaclesuckers spawn barnaclesuckers
Veined Nettle purplefan spawn purplefan
Violet Beau purplestalk spawn purplestalk
Voxel Shrub pinkflower spawn pinkflower
Writhing Weed purpletentacle spawn purpletentacle