Subnautica Seeds ID List

Below is a list of all item IDs and spawn codes within the Seeds category.

Seeds and spores used for planting and farming can be found in this category.

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Item Name Item ID Spawn Code Item Code Unlock Code
Acid Mushroom Spore acidmushroomspore spawn acidmushroomspore item acidmushroomspore
Blood Oil bloodoil spawn bloodoil item bloodoil
Blue Palm Seed bluepalmseed spawn bluepalmseed item bluepalmseed
Cave Bush Seed purplebranchesseed spawn purplebranchesseed item purplebranchesseed
Creepvine Sample creepvinepiece spawn creepvinepiece item creepvinepiece
Creepvine Seed Cluster creepvineseedcluster spawn creepvineseedcluster item creepvineseedcluster
Deep Shroom Spore whitemushroomspore spawn whitemushroomspore item whitemushroomspore
Eye Stalk Seed eyesplantseed spawn eyesplantseed item eyesplantseed
Furled Papyrus Seed redrollplantseed spawn redrollplantseed item redrollplantseed
Gabe's Feather Seed gabesfeatherseed spawn gabesfeatherseed item gabesfeatherseed
Gel Sack Spore jellyplantseed spawn jellyplantseed item jellyplantseed
Ghost Weed Seed redgreententacleseed spawn redgreententacleseed item redgreententacleseed
Jellyshroom Spore snakemushroomspore spawn snakemushroomspore item snakemushroomspore
Bulb Bush Sample kooshchunk spawn kooshchunk item kooshchunk
Membrain Tree Seed membraintreeseed spawn membraintreeseed item membraintreeseed
Redwort Seed redbushseed spawn redbushseed item redbushseed
Spiked Horn Grass Seed shellgrassseed spawn shellgrassseed item shellgrassseed
Spotted Dockleaf Seed spottedleavesplantseed spawn spottedleavesplantseed item spottedleavesplantseed
Tiger Plant Seed spikeplantseed spawn spikeplantseed item spikeplantseed
Veined Nettle Seed purplefanseed spawn purplefanseed item purplefanseed
Violet Beau Seed purplestalkseed spawn purplestalkseed item purplestalkseed
Writhing Weed Seed purpletentacleseed spawn purpletentacleseed item purpletentacleseed
Bulbo Tree Sample bulbotreepiece spawn bulbotreepiece item bulbotreepiece
Chinese Potato purplevegetable spawn purplevegetable item purplevegetable
Fern Palm Seed fernpalmseed spawn fernpalmseed item fernpalmseed
Grub Basket Seed orangepetalsplantseed spawn orangepetalsplantseed item orangepetalsplantseed
Jaffa Cup Seed orangemushroomspore spawn orangemushroomspore item orangemushroomspore
Lantern Fruit hangingfruit spawn hangingfruit item hangingfruit
Marblemelon Seeds melonseed spawn melonseed item melonseed
Ming Plant Seed purplevaseplantseed spawn purplevaseplantseed item purplevaseplantseed
Pink Cap Spore pinkmushroomspore spawn pinkmushroomspore item pinkmushroomspore
Speckled Rattler Spore purplerattlespore spawn purplerattlespore item purplerattlespore
Voxel Shrub Seed pinkflowerseed spawn pinkflowerseed item pinkflowerseed