Subnautica Tools ID List

Below is a list of all item IDs and spawn codes within the Tools category.

Tools are items that can be used to carry out a function - e.g. a flashlight (to see).

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Item Name Item ID Spawn Code Item Code Unlock Code
Scanner scanner spawn scanner item scanner
Repair Tool welder spawn welder item welder
Flashlight flashlight spawn flashlight item flashlight
Survival Knife knife spawn knife item knife
Pathfinder Tool divereel spawn divereel item divereel unlock divereel
Air Bladder airbladder spawn airbladder item airbladder unlock airbladder
Flare flare spawn flare item flare
Habitat Builder builder spawn builder item builder
Laser Cutter lasercutter spawn lasercutter item lasercutter
Stasis Rifle stasisrifle spawn stasisrifle item stasisrifle unlock stasisrifle
Propulsion Cannon propulsioncannon spawn propulsioncannon item propulsioncannon unlock propulsioncannon
Light Stick ledlight spawn ledlight item ledlight unlock ledlight
Transfuser transfuser spawn transfuser item transfuser